Another great Truckfest!

This September, we joined the likes of Mercedes, DAF and MAN at the Cheshire showground in Knutsford for another rip-roaring Truckfest event – and it did not disappoint!

With two full days crammed with stunts, monster trucks, competitions, celebrity guests and family friendly entertainment, there was something for everyone.

Our three amigos – Stef, Dave and Henry – were right in the centre of the action and boy, were they kept busy. After its success at Convoy in the Park, drawing in the crowds at the front of the Fleetex stand was the famed ‘Beat the Bar’ attraction, testing the strength and determination of the little kids right through to the big kids. Calling some of those facial expressions ‘comical’ just doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

But, as promised, two unrivalled winners came away with an extra £50 in their pocket. So a big congratulations to Ben Swarbrick and Dean Steele of Steeles Removals Ltd (pictured below), our super grip champions.

We also wanted to say thank you to everyone who either participated in the competition or just wandered over for a general chinwag. It was great to meet some new faces and see some familiar ones again. If you didn’t get a free KitKat, then we’re sorry, Stef sometimes just can’t help himself!

A final word – Kudos to the events team; we’ve yet to attend a Truckfest that doesn’t have even the non-trucking enthusiasts counting down until the next one. We’ll see you there in 2018!



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